Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Random Thoughts

I'm done with the purse. It turned out very cute and I'm half way done with my second one. This time I'm knitting it in a dark grey and I'm going to add some knitted flowers on the outside.

Tonight I'll be watching Friday Night Lights. I really like that show...it's suprisingly emotional.

Last weekend I went to Williams-Sonoma and picked up some Pecan Pumpkin Butter. Yum Yum. I've been spreading it on my toast every morning. If ya get a chance, get ya some!

Nikki update: Nikki is doing well living at her dad's house...but she just called me crying and informed me that her mother is sueing her for custody of the dog which she gave Nikki as a birthday gift. THat woman is insane.
Christian update: Thank you to all of you that left encouraging comments or encouraged me in person regarding Christian. She is doing okay...the counseling is helping and hopefully she will be able to process everything that happened to her and move on with her life. Just keep praying for her that she will be able to find peace through the storm.

Ummm...what else? I'm going to Paducah tomorrow to visit my parents...so that will be fun. I'll be back Thursday night...quick trip! Posted by Picasa

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