Sunday, June 18, 2006

wow, that week went by quick. Sorry I haven't been keeping up on my blogging duties...the time has just whipped by.

Happy Fathers Day. My kids chipped in an got Joey a new grill today. It needs to be assembled so I guess I'll do that this morning. Then I'm going to the grocery store and get stuff to make Shish-ka-bobs (?sp) and a really good salad for dinner. I hope it doesn't rain this afternoon cause the kids will all be here for dinner.
Also, I have a class on Wednesday and I haven't even designed the layouts for it(ahhh...panic!) I have to get 5 layouts together today so I'll be doing a little bit of work today too.

Last night we went to the Nashville Sounds game. We go at least once every summer. It was fun but not as much fun as a few years ago when the kids went with us. Oh well, we are really moving into a new stage of life. to get going on all the things I need to do today. I'll post pictures later (hopefully)!

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jill said...

Hey Laura,tell Joey Happy Fathers Day for me....Although I know he's not old enuf to be my dad,but,I wish every good dad I know a Happy Fathers Day..Hope you got the grill together....
Catch ya at work later this week..