Sunday, June 04, 2006

Two Peas Challenge

Complete these sentences...

1. I am the happiest when my family is actually all together for a meal.

2. 3 of my most fave things to do are: scrapbook, read and laugh with my husband

3. I feel sad and alone when my husband is out of town

4. When I do this: scrapbook I always feel happier/better.

5. I wish I could fix this: ???

6. My fave summer past time is Cooking out and reading by the pool while the Lillie swims

7. One of my most fave things to wear is my new flip flops

8. If I could give an obscene amt of money to one worthy cause, that cause would be: to pregnancy care centers to help prevent abortions.

9. My fave all time movie I have seen is You've Got Mail

10. I admire integrity in other people.

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