Friday, June 30, 2006

Shoes. Shoes. I love Shoes!

I got these yesterday at Kohls. They were even on sale. Yippeeee! I even love the box they came in!

So, I'm going to a big yard sale today at Scrappin' USA...try to pick up a few bargains. Then Lillie and I will be lounging in the pool!
Hope you have a great day, too! Posted by Picasa


Sonia said...

Ahhh that box is cool! Lovin' the shoes...but are they comfy?

Laura said...

Sonia - actually, I wore them this morning for a while and they weren't too bad. I wouldn't say the were comfortable, but at least they didn't hurt.

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

good church shoes maybe? or a day not on your feet a whole bunch. : )
they are adorable!
glad that Leanne mentioned doing another yard sale later.