Monday, June 05, 2006

Such A Big Girl!

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Well, today she did it. Amie took Lillie to get her ears peirced. Lillie has been wanting earrings for quite a while and Amie kept telling her it would hurt. But she wanted them anyway, so today was the day. I went along for moral support and the document this very important event (like any great scrapbooker would!) She was so brave and did exactly what they told her to do. But it did hurt. And she just couldn't hold the tears in. So we went next door to get some gourmet candy which made everything okay.

Well, tonight is the final episode of The Apprentice. My prediction is that Sean will win hands down, but you never know what The Donald is thinking so Lee could win. Well just have to wait and see.


jill said...

Two days in a row..WHOOHOO..
Lillie is SO cute...I love the half face picture...
see ya..

debbie said...

I can't believe what a big girl Lillie is!!!She is soooo adorable. Pictures are great. See you soon.

Sonia said...

great pics! And I spy some light blue crocs!