Thursday, June 08, 2006

*okay, so you know by now that Sean was hired as The Apprentice. it's old news but a good thing.

*this morning i woke up to Fox News reporting about the death of terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq. A very good thing for America and the world.

*and this, my friends, is a picture of Joey (my husband), Christian (my daughter), and Meagan (her friend). Yesterday, they went to a small amusement park/water park in Bowling Green, KY called Beechbend Parks. It must have been a great day to go 'cause there was hardly anybody there so they never waited in lines. They rode this roller coaster 10 times and got a real kick out of posing for the camera each time on their way down a 50' drop. I think they had a really great day just acting like big kids....all three of them!

* and I'll leave you with this: (copied from another blog)
Scrapped - The Movie

"Scrapped" is a new movie in the works to be premiering August 5th. It is a documentary about the popularity of scrapbooking. The official website of "Scrapped" is here, where you can download a short promo of the movie including some of the movie's footage or you can read about the process of making it here on their blog.

The promo looks very intriguing. It shows a biker guy all decked out in a Ramones leather jacket walking into a scrapbooking store (or maybe it's a crop) full of ladies who are looking at him in open-mouthed surprise. To quote a description of the movie from the official website, "Award winning writer/director Wes Thomsen tackles this traditionally feminine activity with bullish enthusiasm as he gears up and goes in on a mission to learn the skills, language and tools of this strange culture."

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Liked the pic of Joey and the girls...