Thursday, March 30, 2006

We went to Union University yesterday with Christian and Megan (her friend whom she is trying so hard to convince to go away to school with). Joey and I were so impressed. Now granted, it is a Christian college. We met with one of the Biology professors and the first question he asked Christian about was what God was doing in her life. She thought that was very cool. They went on to discuss the Biology department and what she could expect while she was there and also how UU could prepare her for getting accepted into a great Physical Therapy program following graduation. When they were done with the meeting he asked if he could pray with her, I wish I had a picture of that scene (only a scrapbooker would understand that!) Christian was so excited after we left. I think she has her mind made up already, but we are going to Murray State on Saturday and they she wants to visit UT @ Chattanooga too. But UU will be hard to beat. Our concern is that it is a private college therefore very expensive. We have discussed how we will help her as much as we can but she will have to get some loans and we hate for her to have that on her shoulders as she begins a career.
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