Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I finally committed to Weight Watchers today. I've been meaning to go for quite a few weeks now but something always came up. I had really been blaming it on Lillie, thinking she wouldn't behave if I took her with me. But I took her with me today and she was so good. Then we went for a walk on the Greenway, which she really enjoyed because it was so darn pretty out. Lots of mom's with strollers today, so I fit right in. Hopefully, I'll take control of my life again. I feel like I'm not really "ME" anymore.
Tomorrow, we are going to visit Union University with Christian. Then on Saturday, we are going to Murray State, which is where Joey went. This college searching process is so exciting to Christian and Joey and I are enjoying watching her move into this next stage of her life.
Oh yeah, I loved the movie last Saturday: Failure To Launch. It was just my kind of movie. A cute little romantic comedy. No violence. Really no suspence. Just a light funny movie. So go see it if you get a chance!

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Sonia said...

OH my gosh...it's time For Christian to go to college already? Yikes!