Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Okay, okay, I'm blogging today.

Sorry I'm such a blogger let down. It's really bothering me that the entry below (my pirate name) isn't centered. Arrrr, I can't get it right. Oh well, what's going on with me? ? ? Today is Lillie's 3rd birthday. We celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese last night, which was her third time to celebrate a birthday there. But I must say that last night was the most enjoyable of all parties... no kids! Just our immediate family and 1 of Amies friends. Oh, and no uncomfortable adult situations. Lillie's dad's family did their own party with her this year. It was sooooo much more enjoyable than past parties! I wish I had a picture to post but my digital camera sucks and the battery was dead when it was time to go to the party so I had to use my film camera. I'll get the pictures developed today and post one tomorrow.
Other big news here in the Davis household.....We bought a Select Comfort bed last friday. Can't wait to get it...it's in trasit from S. Carolina. I'm tracking it on UPS. We have to currently own the worst mattress ever. It was an expensive one but it feels like we are sleeping on the floor. We got new pillows too and have been using them which has helped our sleeping experience a little bit. I'll let you know how great the new one is.
I gotta get going working on class projects. I'm behind as usual and have to have them all completed before tomorrow. I'm such a procrastinator.

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Sonia said...

wE ARE in dire need of a new mattress. Hubby wants a select comfort...but I'm skeered of the cost. LOL. You'll have to give me a critique of it. Happy Birthday to Lillie!