Friday, September 15, 2006

I've been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Sonia. So here it goes!

The smell of your favorite homemade cookie or a certain someone's perfume is difficult to forget. Write down five memorable smells and the time in your life that you associate with them.

1. Wintergreen- When I was little, my grandfather used wintergreen flavored mouthwash. Whenever I smell wintergreen it brings back memories of being hugged by my grandfather. My husband has been buying Wintergreen Altoids lately, so everytime I get in his car I smell Wintergreen and immediately think of my Grandpa.

2. Fall- I love the smell of fall. Crisp air. Smoke from burning leaves. I don't know...there is just a distinct smell of fall that I love. And this time of year just brings back memories of football games and knowing that the holidays are not that far away.

3. Playdough and Crayons- It's not that I really love these smells, but they do have a distinct smell that you don't forget your whole lifetime. Of course, they remind me of elementary school.

4. Diesel engine exhaust- okay I know this sounds wierd but here's the story on this one. When I was 12 my family lived on a boat for a year and it had 2 diesel engines. My dad sometimes had to spend hours working on those engines and that exhaust smell permiated the air. So whenever I smell exhaust from a 18-wheeler I immediately remember being somewhere in the carribean and my dad trying to get the engines fixed.

5. Cinnamon- I love the smell of cinnamon. Makes me think of Christmas.

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