Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Veggie Tales

So this morning we took Lillie to Opry Mills to see Jonah and I gotta tell ya, I was quite amused! I had not watched a Veggie Tales movie before, but Joey and I quickly found out that the movie was going to be entertaining for us as well as Lillie (maybe even more for us!) I can't tell you how surprised I was when half way through the movie I saw a theater full of preschoolers dancing and clapping to the Veggie Tales singing "God is a God of Second Chances." What a blessing that was to really touched my heart.

After the movie, we shopped for a little bit, had lunch, then walked back to the car only to find out that it wouldn't start. I think the fuel pump went out on it. So we had to call a tow truck and have it towed all the way back to Murfressboro. There wasn't enough room in the truck for all of us so Amie and I had to stay and shop for a couple more hours! That's usually dangerous for us to shop together, but I think we did pretty good. I got an outfit and another adorable pair of shoes. Did you know I love shoes!! Anyway, then Joey had to make his second trip to Nashville to pick us up.
But it was a fun day just being with my daughter and granddaughter...and of course getting a new pair of shoes!


jill said...

Hey Laura,
I am back in town!!!!!!
Sounds like you had a "good" day..i caught up on yur blog earlier today..Love the layouts of the 30th..And all the pics are good.Catch ya later,

Sonia said...

I love veggie tales!