Monday, July 10, 2006

It's been busy, busy around here lately. So here's an update on my life:

My diet: It's been going surprisingly well. I've lost 12 pounds and feel so much better (not quite so uncomfortable). I still have a lot to lose but I think I can actually do it this time. In case you are interested in how I'm doing it just click here.

Reconnect with old friends: Last week I saw an old friend out shopping and she invited me to coffee at her house along with a lot of other old friends. It was so good to see them and just talk. Very therapeutic! Then we got together the next evening for a girls-night-out cookout. Again, Very Therapeutic! Thanks, Nancy!

Trip to the Zoo: Last Friday I took Lillie to the Nashville Zoo. We had a good time even though she actually threw a temper tantrum...yes, she did! I could not believe she did that, she doesn't usually show out that bad. But I found out later she had stayed up very late the night before, so I'm blaming it on excessive tiredness!
But I got a couple of good pictures out of it:

Doesn't this face just crack you up?! Lillie and I got a good laugh watching this...whatever he was.
And last but not least, Adam begins his training at the Fire Academy today. It's and 8-week program and I think he's pretty nervous about it and so am I. We have heard that's it pretty rough physically (like boot camp) but also very tough academically! I’m just praying for his safety…like any mother would!

So that’s my life, updated. I gotta rush out the door to go to work. Hope you have a great Monday!

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Jennifer Sizemore said...

Hey, it is good to "see" you again! Congrats on the weight loss!