Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well, I had a great birthday on Tuesday...Joey & Lillie took me to Jim & Nick's BBQ (I totally love that place) and then we went home for cake and presents with Amie and Adam (Christian was at work). I am filling in answering the phones at Joey's office this week for someone on vacation and when I walked into my office that morning I was surprised to find a birthday balloon, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and about 100 post-it notes decorating my walls that said Happy Birthday with his trade mark little goofy face (he always signs cards with this really goofy smiley face). Joey had gotten up early and instead of working out like he usually does he went to my office and hand wrote each note...very thoughtful!

The next morning he totally surprised me again. I walked into the kitchen to find another bouquet of flowers and a card and wondered why he was getting me flowers for the day after my birthday. I opened the card and he reminded me that 25 years ago we had our first date (again, signing with the goofy smiley face). I cried! ...very thoughtful! How did I get so lucky? If you look closely the card has Mickey and Minnie on it because we are headed to Orlando to go to Disney World tomorrow (or as Lillie calls it "Mickey World"). Amie and Lillie are going with us, and we are so excited. I'm planning on enduring Mickey world one day, Sea World one day, and the rest of the week laying by the pool reading. Oh, and we are gonna run over to Cocoa Beach one day so Lillie can experience the ocean. Ahhh...can't wait!

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