Sunday, June 24, 2007

As I write this post we are roling down I-75 just about to get on the Florida Turnpike (I borrowed Christian’s laptop)…about an hour away from Orlando. It’s sunny and very hot…just like it should be in Florida in June. We’ve been listening to some really fine music. Ya’ know how you feel when you listen to songs that were hits when you were in high school, and it takes you back to simpler times when your biggest worries you had were what you were going to wear that day to look cute…that’s what we’ve been feeling. I spent about an hour before we left downloading some great 70’s classic songs and burnt them on 3 CD’s. We have had a very nostalgic drive to say the least. Okay, this is really going to show my age, but they made some really great music back then: Foreigner, Boston, Journey, Styx, Bread, England Dan & John Ford Coley (?Joey picked that one out) Bee Gees, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Good Stuff, guys. Good Stuff. Takes you back, doesn’t it?!

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