Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christian Poses and Lottery Tickets

Here she goes again. She wears me out with her poses. EVERY time I try to take a group photo, she has to do a weird pose. Maybe it's because she's the baby in the family...I don't know but whatever the reason, it's very annoying!
Santa did bring an interesting gift for their stockings...lottery tickets...which they thought were very fun (much better than candy) and they've already informed us they want Santa to bring them again next year! Posted by Picasa

12/29/06 - Update on the Lottery Winnings:Amie didn't win anything. Adam won $4 and 1 free ticket, niether of which he has cashed in yet. Christian initially won $4 and 3 free tickets which Joey cashed in and she ended up with a $27 winning ticket. Amie and Adam both decided gambling doesn't pay, Christian thinks it might be a good part time job. Aren't we great parents!


Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

my dad needs to do this.- or maybe i'll remember it for him next year. ha. he plays constantly. that is hilarious!

jill said...

Did they win anything?