Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's Official!

Well, it's official...Adam graduated high school this morning.
He's over there somewhere!!! He had 294 people in his class and it's amazing how fast they have this whole graduating process down. We were out of there in just under and hour (yeah!) Then everyone came over for some good food and a little party. Both sets of grandparents, his girlfriend and her mom, sisters, and some friends. I think it really made Adam feel special. I made a dvd of pictures from his birth to now and had that playing during the party. There is something about putting music to pictures that makes it real emotional...I can't tell you how many times Joey and I cried while getting that project together. But I think Adam appreciated it and everyone else had fun laughing at some of the goofy shots of him!
We also had a very yummy cake!
Now, everyone is gone and I've got a little time to rest before some friends come over for dinner. My allergy's are totally out of control today. Gonna have to find some drugs for that....and maybe take a nap! Talk to ya later!


Sonia said...

Congrats to Adam!! I know what you mean about pictures and music. DD2's pre k picture did that at the end of the year, and there wasn't one single dry eye in the room! I get all teary just thinking about it.

That cake is gorgeous! Did ya make it?

Laura said...

no, I didn't make the cake. Got it at Maples Bakery in Georgetown Plaza...Very nice guy!