Sunday, April 16, 2006

What a great day it's been. My family all attended church, which was awesome. I go to the most amazing church. They never cease to amazing me with the things they come up with to make people feel welcome and grow them in their walks with Christ. It was truly a blessing to see the entire Murphy Center full. We had the privledge of hearing Steven Curtis Chapman do a few songs. Then our pastor, Allen Jackson (yep,that's his name!) spoke. Really a great service.
I actually cooked a Traditional Easter meal and the kids hung around all afternoon. They even let me get a family picture. We finished up the afternoon with an Easter Egg Hunt with Lillie. She had a fun time searching for eggs all over the yard. Papa Joe filled them with candy and money. The search ended at a new sand box. We just have so much fun spoiling her! That's what Grandkids are for, right?!

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Sonia said...

sO GLAD you had a nice Easter :)