Sunday, October 16, 2005

Oh my, how time flies by!

Today my son, Adam, turned 18 years old. How can that be? It seems like yesterday he was outside playing all day with trucks and bikes and bugs. Why did it all have to go by so quickly? I long for those days of dirty face kisses and dirty hands hugs again. But those days are long gone.
When he was born I dreamed of the never-ending football and baseball games we would attend. But you know what, Adam was never really interested in sports. For a while that really bothered me. I had grown up in a family where playing sports was just what boys did. But then I started to accept Adam for who he is and really appreciate what makes him unique.
Let me tell you a little bit about Adam. He is just the neatest guy. I truly admire him. He can fix anything. He loves to work on cars and trucks and motorcycles. He knows everybody around and everybody seems to like him. He can relate to people who are 20 years older than he is or 10 years younger than he is. He can find his way anywhere…he has my Indian sense of direction! He recently joined the Walter Hill Volunteer Fire Department, which I think is such an “Adam” thing to do. And he has a good heart…a really good heart. That’s what I love most about him. Happy Birthday, Adam. I love the man you are becoming. Posted by Picasa


Sonia said...

happy birthday to your baby! I have to remind myself to slow down, and not wish for the kids to grow up quite as much (lol). I know i'll be a horrible empty nexter.

Greta said...

i can't imagine...but i'm about to find out.

it's so weird having a child that old!

getting ready to embark on the 'separation anxiety' next year with my son going off to college. it's so want this for them, and at the same time, it's a gut-wrenching process.

so weird...happy and sad.