Friday, November 11, 2005're it!
Ok, we're gonna play "Tag" you're it! (Cause my good friend Sonia wants me to play!) Okay, here we go:

Last 2 tv shows you watched:1. Missing 2. Fox News
Last 2 things you ate or drink:1. Hot Tea 2. Toast
2 pieces of clothing you put on:1. Jeans 2. shoes
Last 2 people you told you loved:1. DH 2. Lillie
Last 2 people you kissed:1. DH 2. Lillie
Last 2 people who have replied to your blog:1.Sonia 2. Greta
Ok, now tag you're it!

This is where the last 2 people who have responded to my blog are supposed to post this same thing on their blog and pass the tag game along. I just have 1 problem. I think Sonia is really the only person (besides my family) who reads my blog. But, Nancy A, if your reading this you can play along!

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